Welcome to Irish Tours

Need a little more guidance on your trip? Or perhaps looking to add a bit of luxury to your experience? What if you just love a Irish accent?

Hire an expert private driver-guide to take you through Ireland. Experience all of Ireland’s most famed spots and highlights as well as hidden secrets as your very own driver takes you from place to place. There’s no way to beat the added touch of a knowledgeable local giving you insight into your trip!

About Us

We at Irish Tours are the number one for bespoke private guided tours of Ireland. We offer Luxury private tours, delivering to you the most wonderful private touring experience available in Ireland. All are tours are built around your individual needs and tailored to meet your requirements, we make sure you have the best experience possible, travelling in one of our luxury cars.

We are passionate about our tours and love to offer that expert advice and local knowledge, we have two bases in Dublin and in Shannon Co Clare and offer Airport Transfers. Contact us today for a quote.

Let Irish Tours be your guide.

Contact Us

Dark Hedges, Co Antrim
Dark Hedges, Co Antrim


  • Use our contact form above to send us a message or alternatively you can send us an email to Info@IrishTours.ie


  • How much do Tours cost?

  • All our Tours are bespoke  and tailored to suit your design. Contact us for a full quote.


  • Do you require a deposit?

  • Yes we require a 10% deposit at the time of booking which is non refundable and the balance of the tour is due 4 weeks before your tour starts.


  • What is the best way to pay?

  • The best way to pay us is through bank transfer, we will provide you with all the details needed.


  • What kind of vehicles do you have?

  • We use only luxury cars, Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc. So you travel in style and comfort.


  • How many people can go on a tour?

  • We can accommodate up to 8 people on a tour.


  • Where are you located?

  • We have bases in Dublin and in Shannon Co Clare.


  • How long do tours last?

  • All our tours are custom made for you, so they can be as short as one day to one week. Contact us and we will make the right tour for you.


  • Do you offer to book our accommodation?

  • No we rather that you book your own accommodation, as all our tours are built around your plans, we rather that you make your own arrangements, but if you need any assistance, just contact us we are always happy to help.

  • Are we Insured on a Tour?

  • All tour participants are fully insured as passengers in any of the vehicles used for transport as part of our tours. We are not responsible for insurance on other means of transport that you may take when you are in the country. You are also not covered by insurance once you are not in the vehicle with us, we recommend you get Travel Insurance for your trip here.


Our Trip to Ireland was made extra special by using Irish Tours, our driver made our experience so fulfilling and comfortable, can’t imagine holidaying in Ireland any other way now.

Sara- Kate, UK, April 2016


Had the pleasure of using Irish Tours on our last holiday, it gave us a real personal connection with the Irish land, allowing us to catch all the sights with none of the stress, a real holiday! I can’t recommend highly enough.

Marcel & Hannah Bajours, Berlin, July 2016


I found having a personal driver the icing on the cake of my fabulous trip to Ireland. No bus timetables, taxis, or getting lost, we could just sit back and take it all in. Our driver was excellent and he was a real highlight of our trip.

Purdy Family, London UK, September 2016


Having the opportunity to see the village my great grandfather hailed from was a magical moment for me. I’ve always felt close to Ireland but this was a up close experience that I’ll never forget. Our driver gave us so much more than we from the trip. Can’t recommend enough.

Jake Cooper, Texas USA, June 2017


Irish Tours did a fabulous job helping us plan and execute our tour of
Ireland.  The car was comfortable, the recommendations perfect, and most
importantly, their tour guide/driver (Gerry) was extremely knowledgeable and
friendly.  He went above and beyond in helping us locate the home my
grandfather (as a young boy) built with his father in Roscommon. My brother
and I were able to visit with a cousin who lives there, whom we had never
met, and having Gerry with us, guiding us, made that possible.

We never would have seen so much in such a short period of time, yet with
our own customized itinerary and schedule if we had taken a bus tour, nor
would we have found our family home.  Irish Tours was a pleasure and a
blessing and we are so very grateful to have found you.  Looking forward to
the next trip!

Patty M and Kevin P.
Scottsdale, AZ and Philadelphia, PA  USA,  September 2017